Business Overview


Rights Business

We treat the copyrights of the artists of music and painting who have under exclusive contracts with JH Lab and those who have cooperated with JH Lab.
We cooperate with the character merchandising for stationeries and toys, lending our illustrations to public relations and spatial design, creating digital contents for electronic games, smart phone applications, and videos.


Publishing Business 

This is the publishing business for the domestic or overseas artists who JH Lab manages their rights. We directly publish and offer these publications(books, magazines, posters, campus pictures, etc.) at various kinds of related events in the Japanese domestic market. We also manage the sales of the electronic books and the distribution of our publications at the overseas market.


Advanced Business 

This is the advanced manufacturing business in general. Form high artistic quality products to generic and convenient products that immediately blend in with the lifestyle, we research and develop original and innovative products and offer those products with the cooperative manufacturers.


Incubation Business
This is the implementation of the various events and the consultation about the content and creative business. We offer activities to foster the artists who JH Lab manages their rights and we also offer the domestic and overseas business scheme know-how that JH Lab has.

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